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If you think of top 5 topics which would fascinate the kids, outer space and Planets would be surely one of them. Also this subject is a very Important part of studies in schools.

Space race is an educational board game designed to teach the kids about basic aspects related to space, Planets, their moons e.t.c in a play way method . If you ask them to mug up the facts, they surely wont, but if it is done in a play way method, they would love to do so !


About the Game - The Objective of the players is to complete their journey of the planets, Step by step, by answering questions correctly. The player has to collect all the planet card and go back to earth to complete the game. The 1st Player to do so keeps the toy space craft. Please refer to the DETAILED INSTRUCTION SHEET inside.


100 - Q&A -cards with multiple choice answers, Game board, 32 planet cards, spinner, 4 game pawns, 2 dice, 4 space ship stands, 1 toy space ship for the winner & detailed instruction sheet

 How To Play:  Refer to Detailed instruction Sheet Inside the box or PDF attachment  in the website.


One game board, 500 quiz questions and answers (100 Q&A Cards),25 Picture Puzzle Cards, Toy Tour Tickets, Toy Crown and trophy, Dice, Game Pawns, Detailed Instruction Sheet. 

Age group : 8 + 

Number of players: 2 to 4

For detailed instructions please check the PDF: 

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