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Instead of putting your child in a craft class, why not bring the class to your child? Buy her the picture crafting kit and she can use all her imagination and our direction to fashion out fascinating picture cards. Give expression to her feelings and show off her creative skills to family and friends, while learning to be creative at her own pace in the comfort of her home.

What’s best- with this mixed medium kit, you don’t have to buy her any props. Our kit packs in  6  different theme cards: Farm, Forest, Ocean, Disco, Cakes, Flowers, Unique craft material -  ribbons, buttons, google, eyes, ice cream sticks, sequins, paint, lace etc. – in brilliant hues and amazing textures to keep your child engaged from the start to the finish.

About picture crafting:

In simple world it is type of craft where on uses different types of material to decorate pictures. It’s a popular craft in west and the output is awesome. The pictures can be used as a room decor or can be gifted to friends. And above all it would give a great boost to your creativity. So what are you waiting for, Get….Set….Go



6 Art Cards of various themes, Sequins, Tikki Lace, Sequin Lace, Satin Ribbons, Artificial leaves & Flowers, Rose Décor, Different types of buttons, Beads in different shapes and colours, candy sticks, Google eyes, crepe paper, Paints, 2 Sided tape, glue etc. & Detailed instruction sheet.


Age group:  8 & Above

For detailed instructions please check the PDF: 

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