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Why let children turn into couch potatoes when you can engage them in this super-fun game called "Hurry Up"? This exciting board game promises 'A Total Fun Experience' not only for kids, but also for the entire family. This game puts your observation to test, with some fun trivia quiz & twist.

Each card poses three questions, from different day to day activities which need  to be answered in 3 minutes. The game board has been designed in such a way that the game is a perfect balance of Knowledge and Fun.

The questions have been selected from a wide range of topics like Famous Consumer Brands, Sports & Entertainment,  History,  Math, Geography, Grammar , Festivals, Foods & Professions.

The Chance Cards, Move Cards  & Crazy Cards add to the surprise element in the game. The key to winning is giving correct answers of maximum number of questions in the given time frame.

Collect more number of diamonds and become the 'Quiz King' by winning  the Crown. Remember, think and tell fast - else you might be the last !!! So good luck to you all and have a great quizzing time !!!

Improves General  Knowledge & Sharpens Observation Skills.

Game has been designed by professional toy designers keeping in mind the age group, interest  of current generation and is a beautiful blend of difficulty levels so that the game is challenging at the same time very entertaining. Quiz topics and questions have been carefully selected. The time bound feature of the game also helps in sharpening  the little brains and makes  the game exciting.

Contents : Game Board, 96 Game Cards with 288 questions, Crazy Cards, Move Cards, Chance Cards, Spinner Board, Toy diamonds and crown, Instruction sheet in Hindi and English.

Age group : 8 + 

Number of players: 2 to 6

For detailed instructions please check the PDF: 

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