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A traditional Indian board game for kids, parents and grandparents

About the Game : Studies have found that challenging your brain with mentally stimulating leisure activities like playing board games or  cards, doing crossword puzzles, reading , writing and playing musical instruments is great for your brain. Today's kids are too busy with video games, play stations and games on mobile phones. Board games are a better option. Board games are played to improve memory, counting and strategy skills. In early days games were played not just for passing time but also formed an essential part of learning process. Chausar is a race game which improves mathematical & strategy skills. This ancient Indian board game has many variants like chaupar, chaupat, pachisi, pat, pagade etc. A variant of this game also finds mention in the great Indian epic "Mahabharata"

CONTENTS : 1 game board, 16 pawns, 6 cowrie shells, 2 sparkling toy crowns & detailed instruction sheet

Age group : 8+ 

Number of players : 2 to 4

For detailed instructions please check the PDF: 

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